Saturday, August 30, 2008

Take it slow.

So recently, I've been busy browsing the internet to buy a new watch, shoes, and a lomo camera.

Until now, my decision goes to the blue watch I found in KarmaLoop. It's worth about 45 bucks. And for the shoes, I'm gonna buy a blue pair of Vans shoes. And for the Lomo camera, it has been the hardest one. I was going to buy a Diana and a fisheye. But then I recalculated again and I found that buying a Diana with fisheye lens is much cheaper than buying two kinds of camera. So yeah, I've made my decision.

But now, the problem is I think my mom's gonna be crazy if she knows I buy these things.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What is this?

So the recent news is that my friend, Steven has gone to NYC this morning. Just like what I have expected before.

And there is this thought that came crossing my mind suddenly when I got home from work. I just realized how lazy I was back then when I was in middle school and high school (but high school is the worst). I never studied, never. All I did was just playing games and talking shit with my friends. And now I don't even know how the hell I'm going to get into college. Don't you think that God is testing me and remind me for what I've done before.

Tell me when this comes to an end.

Friday, August 15, 2008


I need to get up in the morning earlier but I still have not gone to bed yet.
I need this internet. And it ties me up in here.
Help me.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

midnight cereal

You know what can make me really happy??
Buy me a lot of clothes.
And a Lomo camera.

I only downloaded two new songs yesterday for my iPod and the rest are out of date.
My internet connection is getting real suck. I'm using wi-fi connection and it's really slow.
And tomorrow I have to work from 4:30 PM until late night.

I think I have a big passion in dancing and fashion. Two things boys rarely do.
No disrespect, but that's how I am.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

messed up

Tonight is the same night like the others. I could kill myself if this keeps on continuing.
youtube, flickr, yahoomail, friendster, myspace, facebook, they are things I couldn't get myself off.
This internet invasion must be creeping up inside my mind. Shit.

Monday, August 4, 2008


There were ten of us when I first came here. I'll post their names in order of their leaving.
1. Tika, went back to Indonesia with Nana his sister after her graduation.
2. Nana, Tika's younger sister.
3. Nita, moved to Boston to live with his mom.
4. Darwin, went back to Indonesia unexpectedly.
5. Leony, moved to Connecticut with her family after her graduation this year.
6. Steven, the most likely to leave us next to New York.
7. Agatha, the most likely to be the first who marry among us.
8. Angel, still in here i guess but haven't seen her these days.
9. Marshal, spending his summer in Indonesia and will be back this fall. As always.

And there is me. Mikhael.


I have a flickr account and lately I'm so addicted to it by seeing how many great pictures I can find in there. And what I'll be doing for this upcoming weeks are working and hunting for new clothes for August 17.

look what I've found : a great music page in Myspace. The band's name is Ratatat. It's an electronic/pop/funk genre band. I like their music. Pump me up.

good night,


I have a lot of blogs. But they are all left unused. And I just think that I really need one to express my self and my life. This is not for fun and this is not a serious theme blog. I just want to say something that I can put into my writing. And I hope nobody left behind.