Monday, August 4, 2008


There were ten of us when I first came here. I'll post their names in order of their leaving.
1. Tika, went back to Indonesia with Nana his sister after her graduation.
2. Nana, Tika's younger sister.
3. Nita, moved to Boston to live with his mom.
4. Darwin, went back to Indonesia unexpectedly.
5. Leony, moved to Connecticut with her family after her graduation this year.
6. Steven, the most likely to leave us next to New York.
7. Agatha, the most likely to be the first who marry among us.
8. Angel, still in here i guess but haven't seen her these days.
9. Marshal, spending his summer in Indonesia and will be back this fall. As always.

And there is me. Mikhael.

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